Training & Certification

Training and certification are essential components of the concrete placement industry, as they ensure that professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their jobs safely and effectively. The New Zealand Master Concrete Placers Association (NZMCPA) offers a range of training and certification programs to its members, designed to support their ongoing professional development and enhance their capabilities in the field.

The NZMCPA’s training and certification programs cover a range of topics, including concrete placement techniques, finishing, safety, and environmental considerations. These programs are developed and delivered by industry experts, and are designed to meet the specific needs of concrete placers and finishing companies in New Zealand.

One of the key certification programs offered by the NZMCPA is the Concrete Placer Certification. This program is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of concrete placers and ensure that they are capable of delivering high-quality work that meets industry standards for safety, durability, and appearance. To obtain this certification, individuals must meet certain requirements related to training and experience, and must pass a certification exam.

In addition to the Concrete Placer Certification, the NZMCPA also offers certifications in areas such as concrete finishing and safety. These certifications provide individuals with additional skills and credentials that can help them stand out in the industry and advance their careers.

The NZMCPA’s training and certification programs are not only beneficial for individual professionals, but also for the wider concrete placement industry in New Zealand. By ensuring that professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge, the NZMCPA helps to maintain high standards of quality and safety in the industry, which benefits everyone involved.

Overall, training and certification are essential components of the concrete placement industry, and the NZMCPA’s programs play a vital role in supporting the ongoing professional development of its members. Whether you are a concrete placer, finisher, or safety professional, the NZMCPA’s training and certification programs can help you enhance your skills and advance your career.